8.25in x 32.0in Screaming Hand Taper Tip Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck

Article number: 1DSAN0SHTT800WB
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Totally redesigned "Taper Tip" shapes from Santa Cruz Skateboards. SC's new Taper Tip is a based off the 90’s style pointy shape nose and tail but with a current popsicle width. This shape is specifically designed for a technical street skater and provides a ton of scoop to your 360 flips both regular and switch. Screaming Hand Taper Tips are now available in 8.0in, 8.25in, 8.375in, and now 8.5in widths. DETAILS LENGTH32.0 in WIDTH8.25 in WHEEL BASE14.4 in NOSE LENGTH6.8 in TAIL LENGTH6.6 in CONCAVEMedium
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