CARVER SKATEBOARDS Carver 28" Super Snapper Surfskate Complete

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Length: 28" Width: 9 5/8" Wheelbase: 15 3/8" Nose: 3 1/2" Tail: 5 5/8" Truck Option: C7 or CX Truck Color Option: Raw Wheels: 70MM ECOMAG Aqua 81A Bearings: Built-In Grip Tape: Deck Pad Hardware: Stainless Steel Building on the lessons we’ve learned from riding bigger wheels and taller risers for more radical carving performance, we’ve scaled this concept down for a highly maneuverable mini that snaps and pumps like nothing you’ve ever ridden before. Made with a shorter Hyperspoon mold for a deep-dish nose concave and full tail kick on a shorter wheelbase, this little-big-board features big, juicy 70mm Ecothane wheels for crazy grip and deep-railed carves.
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