ORANGATANG Orangatang Knuckles Longboard Skateboard Bushings Pack with Washers

Article number: KNBO
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This is the ultimate upgrade to Orangatang's urethane family. Crafted from an unexpectedly awesomely rebounding urethane originally intended for the line of Orangatang wheels, the new Orangatang Knuckles are juicy, quick-turning little morsels that will serve as a great set of bushings for those of us interested in cruising, carving, or dancing with a bushing that bounces us back into place quickly. Available in Orange (87a) and Purple (90a) Please Note: These bushings work best with Paris Trucks, but can still work well with Randals and Bear Grizzly trucks!! f We DO NOT suggest using the Knuckle bushings with Calibers or Gullwing Chargers. Also, don't expect them to fit in Independent trucks. These bushings are intended for reverse-kingpin trucks.
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