Powell Peralta Vallely Elephant Skateboard Deck BLUE - 10 x 30.25

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Details Specifications SKU DCPAMVE02 UPC 842357130036 Brand Powell-Peralta Deck Shape 163 Deck Concave SP2 Deck Wheelbase 15" Deck Length 30.25" Deck Width 10" Deck Nose 4.375" Deck Tail 6.625" Discovered at a Virginia Beach contest by Neil Blender and Lance, a young Mike Vallely was asked to join the Powell-Peralta team and quickly rose to fame as a premier street skater. After initially rejecting the Roach graphic, Vallely worked closely with VCJ on an elephant theme. Mike and his elephant deck were both very popular. Artwork by VCJ 1988 Mike currently runs Street Plant, a 100% independently owned and operated family business. "100% Independent Skateboarding for Love, for Fun. No rules, no divisions, no schools. Just a Skateboard as a Paintbrush and the World as an Empty Canvas. Skate. Create. Enjoy!"
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