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Announcing the expansion of Orangatang's blue 77a urethane to the 4President longboard wheels lineup. A softer version of a best-selling all-arounder. Once again, this blue 77a formula is the smoothest, fluffiest, grippiest, most thane-line-leaving urethane in Orangatang’s history. Orangatang 4 President longboard skateboard wheels are definitely a longboarders and racers wheel of choice. The Orangatang line of wheels are made of hi-grade urethane making the rebound more effective and more predictable in performance. You will maintain consistent speed with 4 Presidents after a few pushes on a flat surface. After plenty of testing, we find that the Orangatang 4 President longboard skateboard wheels are very predictable through turns and at high speed. You can roll over cracks with confidence. With the flat lip design, you can obtain maximum control and gain confidence into tight cornering. Try the Orangatang 4 Presidents with a drop-through deck for amazing and stable performance. These days the Orangatang line is gaining popularity around college campuses. You will definitely catch a glimpse of some orange and purple streaks on the sidewalks soon!
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